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Top Frequently asked questions

  • What is Video Lecture?
    • Video Lectures are recordings of live classes conducted by India’s best teachers for CA EXAMS including CA L.Muralidharan sir and CA VGS Mani sir from Sreeram Coaching Point, CA MK Jain sir from Micecareer, Tarun Raj, Vikas Oswal and many more. In these classes, an electronic display board is maintained to capture the writings and presentations of the Professor so that the student is able to see the professor and his articulation as well as the display material at the same time.

  • How are Video Lectures made?
    • Classroom lecture is recorded at Sreeram Coaching Point (SCP). SCP has its own editing studio. These videos are played back and the best sessions are chosen and edited to create the best of breed classes for the student. Thus the student benefits from choice of best of the session. Similarly, CA-Online lists content from other Professors and Coaching Institutes as well. These were produced in their respective studio’s.

  • How do they help in doubt clearing?
    • Any doubt raised by a student in a live class is actually repeated by the Professor so that it is clearly captured by the Video mechanism. The doubt is then explained so that the video listener is also equally benefited. Also, the Professors used to raise doubts raised in the past by the students again and explain in the class so that new doubts are minimized.

  • How is it related to the study materials provided?
    • The Lecture refers to the page number and the specific problem in the study material and then the Professor goes to solve the problem in the class room. Hence combined with the lecture and the study material, the listener to the video lecture gets equal benefits like a live class room student.

  • How many times the Video can be played?
    • The Videos can be paused and replayed any number of times. However, this may vary depending on the subject and validity. Please confirm when you buy.

  • Can the Videos be played on a larger screen?
    • No – there is no video out put possible when our lectures are played. Only Audit out put to an external speaker is possible.

  • What if I need subject content after the course validity period ?
    • The student can renew license at a concessional price.This may vary from subject to subject. Please check with CA-Online sales team.

  • What happens to the USB sticks after the course validity expiry ?
    • The usb sticks is student’s property. They can reuse it.

  • What if the USB is lost or not working?
    • If the USB can be sent back by courier, then we will replace the contents free of cost. If the USB itself is lost, then the student has to buy a new set.

  • What should i do to raise a query/doubt on a topic in the video class ?
    • You can raise all your queries to the faculty to the designated email address you will be advised of. The concerned faculty will answer and clarify the email within 48 hours.

  • What will happen at then end of course validity period?
    • The video content will expire. It will stop playing the content.

  • What should I do if I face any issue related to my PC/Laptop or operating system ?
    • Please ensure that your system configuration is compatible for installing Myguruji software. If it is not, then you will have to check with your hardware vendor and change configuration to ensure compatibility.

  • What is Video on Demand
    • Video on Demand is direct streaming of videos through the internet. You can watch the videos in your computer any time. You would not be able to download them.

  • What is Windows mode?
    • The Video Lectures would be played in your Microsoft Windows laptop or desktop. No tablet is needed.

  • There is an increase in price of pendrive, how much GST is there?
    • GST rate is 18%, it is covered under the HS Code 8523. And GST price is inclusive in the total price.

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